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Art-I-Facts Tattoo Gallery is North Alabama's newest Tattoo and piercing sensation! Bringing you the very best in body art and body modification services. Offering a clean, friendly, professional environment with excellent customer service! Featuring one the areas top artists, Shykeim Muhammad Rashidah.
Art-I-Facts Tattoo Gallery
Art-I-Facts Tattoo Gallery is at Art-I-Facts Tattoo Gallery.
We are currently looking for a gatekeeper (possible piercing apprentice). *This will not lead to a tattoo apprenticeship. As indicated in the post must have all those qualities and good communication skills. Please contact the shop for more information if you are interested. #piercingapprenticeship #gatekeeper #artifactstattoogallery #huntsvillepiercer #huntsville #alabama #work @ Art-I-Facts Tattoo Gallery

For years we all have participated in tattoo expo's around the country, and some were good and some were not. Just like some tattoo shops are good and some are not. It was my desire to provide a show for my tattoo peers and for the people of my community that is devoid of all the problems we all complain about at conventions but still come the next year anyway.